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Oklahoma backup QB calls out Ohio State defense

Backup quarterbacks should live by the mantra: speak when spoken to. But, in Austin Kendall’s case, it might be better to live by the phrase, “just don’t speak.”

The freshman was interviewed on Sooner Sports TV and gave some quote board material to the Ohio State defense.

When asked what his impressions were of Ohio State’s defense, Kendall was underwhelmed, saying, “I’ve seen that they have a really basic defense. I think we can go out there, I mean Baker, and he’ll light them up and I’m really looking forward to it if my number is called and I think I can do the same.”

Hey dummy, ever think they’ve been playing vanilla defenses because of their opponents (Bowling Green, Tulsa), and in preparation for you guys. Come on, chump, this isn’t high school.

Knowing Bob Stoops’ style, I’m shocked they let a freshman on Sooner Sports TV to address these issues. It was always a disaster waiting to happen.

As if this game needed any more juice … here you go! No. 3 Ohio State faces No. 14 Oklahoma Saturday night at 7:30 PM ET on Fox.

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