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Jim Grobe: ‘I don’t know who Shawn Oakman is’

File this one under the ‘bizarre, but true’.

Baylor head coach Jim Grobe was asked about former football player Shawn Oakman’s appearance in the locker room, but he claimed he didn’t know the former BU defensive end, who was indicted on charges of second-degree felony sexual assault in July.

As for proof of Oakman hanging around the team over the weekend, here it is, courtesy of KCEN News in Central Texas.

I mean, Oakman is only 6’8”, 280 pounds. He kind of sticks out. I just don’t know how this is possible. Even if Grobe had no idea who Oakman was, wouldn’t he wonder to himself, “geez, I don’t recognize him. He’s in our locker room and not on the team?! By golly, put a jersey on that boy!” 

It just makes no sense. 

Also, Former Baylor head coach Art Briles was in attendance on Saturday. Briles officially parted ways with the school in June over the sexual assault investigation. 

So, the question of the day: does Jim Grobe really have no idea who Shawn Oakman is? 

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