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Texas LB Breckyn Hager on rest of season: ‘We’re going undefeated’

It’s amazing how one game and one win can help turn around a team’s morale. But, in some cases, maybe that isn’t such a good thing.

After Texas beat Iowa State 27-6 on Saturday night, linebacker Breckyn Hager took things to the next level, saying, “We’re going undefeated.”

Huh? Excuse me? Come again? 

When asked why, Hager went on to explain, adding, “Because we’ve got no choice. We’re going to do whatever it takes to get there. We’ve got our hardest games at home. You see how we play at home, the excitement and energy. You see how our defense plays, and we’re gonna step it up.”

To take a look at Texas’ schedule the rest of the way, there are no bye weeks, and starts next week at Kansas State, followed by vs. #11 Baylor, @ Texas Tech, vs. #20 West Virginia, @ Kansas, and vs. TCU. There is one good thing: their toughest games are at home.

Hager was also buying into the UT home-field advantage, saying, “You see how we play at home — the excitement and energy. You see how our defense is playing, and we’re going to step it up.”

You mean how your defense played for one night? Are we going to forget about the defense of the past month? The same defense that was ranked 118th in scoring defense heading into Saturday? Sheesh. This is getting kind of stupid.

Believe it or not, Hager wasn’t done there, adding, “We’re just going to get better and keep steamrolling through teams to prove to the fans and the media that these coaches are here to stay.”

Who did they steamroll? Outside of Iowa State in the second half?

I’d love some of whatever Breckyn Hager is smoking. In the meantime, he should focus on K-State. Playing in Manhattan is never easy. Godspeed!

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