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Mike Gundy actually believes cell phones make college athletes worse

Boy does time fly! It was 9 years ago Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy reminded us he was a man and he was 40 years old.

Well, on Tuesday Gundy was asked about the parity in college football, and he turned the answer into an indictment on today’s young people.

Gundy said: “Focus and preparation is different now then it ever has been. And the players that we coach come in and they’re not like guys that we coached 10 years ago, and 15 years ago and 20 years ago. Because your generation spends all their time looking at their phone. My generation spent all our time out in the front yard playing games. And so they were more ready to go into college athletics. They understood all the dynamics of it compared to young people nowadays. They don’t spend as much time around football, they spend more time playing some game on a phone. Because of all that, and the training that takes place, there’s more parity in college football.”

Gundy added he has heard the same issues in basketball and baseball. So yea, college football parity is because kids use cell phones today and don’t play in the front yard as much? Seems like a stretch, but maybe? Regardless, it’s hard to watch a Gundy press conference and not smile with that absurd mullet he’s growing. To see the whole press conference, check it out below. For the start of this exchange, fast forward to around the 16:00 mark.


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