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Mike Gundy: This is a ‘millennial mullet’

One of the great off-field storylines in the Big 12 this season has been Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s growing mullet. Well, he joined the guys on ESPN Radio where he was asked about the mullet.

gundy’s answer was a thing of beauty:

“It happened by accident with kind of a funny story with my 11 year old and it kind of grew into the team kind of liked it. Once it kinda took off I saw a free marketing opportunity with social media. I mean why would a guy not want free marketing in West Virginia with a mullet? And it’s probably become very popular there. You know the times I’ve been there, I used to coach in Maryland. They probably got a few mullets and they’re salt-of-the-earth people over there. So it’s become kind of a funny issue and it’s interesting. Most of the people that are our age, they enjoy it and understand it. The younger generation, it’s somewhat foreign to them, but I’m a big 70s and 80s music guy and every once it a while it’s OK to bring the mullet back and have some fun with the team.”

But, Gundy didn’t stop there. He went on to discuss how his is not a “real mullet” and then called what he has growing a “millennial mullet”.

To listen to the entire interview on ESPN radio check it out here. The mullet conversation begins around the 3:00 mark!

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