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Matthew McConaughey defends Charlie Strong

Charlie Strong doesn’t have very much of support in Austin right now. But, he does have the respect and possible support of one of the most well-known Longhorns fans, star actor Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey was tracked down in Austin by the folks at Fox7 and asked him about his take on what is going on on the 40 Acres.

The Lincoln pitch man said, “For [Strong’s] entire three years he’s had one goal in mind: what’s best for these young men. That’s been his goal. And that’s the message that we’ll take forward. That’s the message the whole university and all our fans and all the kids are going to take forward. No doubt, for three years, he’s been about what’s best for these young men and who they are in the rest of their life. That’s going to be the legacy of Charlie Strong. And that’s a great thing and that’s why we’re going to go out and whip TCU’s ass Friday.” 

Here is the complete video of the exchange:

Maybe it’d serve the Longhorns well to re-watch the speech McConaughey gave them prior to the Notre Dame game earlier this season. Who would’ve thought after that win we’d be talking about Charlie Strong being fired? College football: crazy.

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