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Rumors swirl about Mike Gundy meeting with Baylor

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Reports are beginning to surface that Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is reportedly meeting with Baylor about their opening.

Late on Monday, rumors began to fly that Gundy was going to be meeting with the Baylor Bears.

But, is this legit? I can’t confirm or deny the Baylor meeting, but I did hear from a friend with Oklahoma State ties that Gundy was continuing to be beyond frustrated with megabooster T. Boone Pickens and that their relationship has only gotten worse. Gundy is tired of feeling like Pickens is his boss and does not believe that, given all the success he’s had at Stillwater, he needs to cater to T. Boone’s wants and needs.

Is that enough to leave his alma mater and join the Bears in Waco? I’m not sure.

That tweet comes from Matt Mosley, a Baylor alum who works for TexasMonthly.com.

Could it be Gundy just looking for more love … and maybe another contract extension? Gundy agreed a two year extension in the summer that would take his contract through 2021.

But, here’s the catch: the contract was approved by the OSU Board of Regents in June, but has yet to be signed.

If signed and approved, the deal will earn him over $4 million per season on the back end of the deal. Not exactly chump change. But, could Gundy just be pissed off that the contract hasn’t been signed?

Either way, it seems we go through this song and dance with Gundy every couple of years (Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, etc). So, while I think the whole thing is a long shot, it is a storyline worth watching, whether it’s this offseason, next one … or the one after that!

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