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Art Briles suing Baylor officials for libel, conspiracy

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Former Baylor football coach Art Briles is suing three Baylor regents, along with a vice president for libel and slander.

Briles is not going down without a fight. He is accusing them of falsely stating he knew of reported assaults and alleged gang rapes by players and didn’t report them.

So, who exactly is Art Briles suing? Baylor regents Chairman Ronald Murff, board members J. Cary Gray and David Harper, and Baylor Vice President Reagan Ramsower.

Briles’ suit was filed in Llano County, Texas, alleges that Baylor officials have conspired to keep him from getting another coaching job since his dismissal.

Briles was fired last May after an investigation determined Baylor mishandled reports of alleged sexual and physical assaults, which included allegations against football players. Briles has stayed firm, denying he knew about and failed to report alleged assaults.

My speculation on this is that Briles would not have sued Baylor had he gotten another job this offseason, as he would not have wanted to be a distraction for his new employer. Since it looks like he will be out of work at least another offseason, he is going ahead with he lawsuit.

Either way, this could get ugly very quickly…

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