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Tom Herman sends out motivational tweet

tom herman texas business card

With Tom Herman now the head football coach at the University of Texas, his coaching career has come full circle in many ways.

Before gaining national attention as head coach at Houston, and to a lesser extent as offensive coordinator at Ohio State, Herman was grinding just like every other young coach in the college football ranks. Herman made stops at Iowa State, Rice, Texas State, Sam Houston State, and Texas Lutheran… along with the Texas Longhorns back in 1999-2000 where he was a GA.

Gotta respect this from Herman, and pretty great that he’s saved his GA business card from over 15 years ago. Whether he accidentally saved it or used it as motivation for all these years, either way it’s cool.

Also note, the Texas business card really hasn’t changed much at all in the past 17 years. I’ve got no issues with that, as the simple, but bold, card stands out nicely.

Also, check out the email address… bad ass. No more “THerman”, “TomHerman”, “T.Herman”, etc. Just “HFC”. If I was Herman, I’d consider demanding people start calling me “HFC” around the facilities, it has a nice ring to it. 

That being said, I guess now I  can email coach Herman and see if he wants to grab some lunch sometime next time I’m in Austin? Let bygones by bygones from this past summer?  Eh… not yet, the wounds may still be fresh. Also, I’d hope he would pick up the bill with his new $5 million salary, but that’s likely a long shot, right? 

Herman’s wife, Michelle, has also been tweeting old photos of the two from their stint in Austin.

It certainly looks like they’re happy to be back. So, good for them. Hopefully it’s a happy marriage with UT and a long tenure.

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