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Big 12 announces 2017 football schedule

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With the 2016 Big 12 season barely in the rearview mirror, the Big 12 Conference, in conjunction with each Big 12 football program, announced their respective schedules for the 2017 season. Below is the schedule for every school next season.

September 2nd: vs. Liberty
September 9th: vs. UTSA
September 16th: @ Duke
September 23rd: vs. Oklahoma
September 30th: @ Kansas State
October 7th: BYE
October 14th: @ Oklahoma State
October 21st: vs. West Virginia
October 28th: vs. Texas
November 4th: @ Kansas
November 11th: vs. Texas Tech
November 18th: vs. Iowa State
November 25th: @ TCU

Iowa State
August 31st or September 2nd: vs. Northern Iowa
September 9th: vs. Iowa
September 16th: BYE
September 23rd: @ Akron
September 30th: vs. Texas
October 7th: @ Oklahoma
October 14th: vs. Kansas
October 21st: @ Texas Tech
October 28th: vs. TCU
November 4th: @ West Virginia
November 11th: vs. Oklahoma State
November 18th: @ Baylor
November 25th: @ Kansas State

September 2nd: vs. Southeast Missouri
September 9th: vs. Central Michigan
September 16th: @ Ohio
September 23rd: vs. West Virginia
September 30th: BYE
October 7th: vs. Texas Tech
October 14th: @ Iowa State
October 21st: @ TCU
October 28th: vs. Kansas State
November 4th: vs. Baylor
November 11th: @ Texas
November 18th: vs. Oklahoma
November 25th: @ Oklahoma State

Kansas State
September 2nd: vs. Central Arkansas
September 9th: BYE
September 16th: @ Vanderbilt
September 23rd: vs. Charlotte
September 30th: vs. Baylor
October 7th: @ Texas
October 14th: vs. TCU
October 21st: vs. Oklahoma
October 28th: @ Kansas
November 4th: @ Texas Tech
November 11th: vs. West Virginia
November 18th: @ Oklahoma State
November 25th: vs. Iowa State

September 2nd: vs. UTEP
September 9th: @ Ohio State
September 16th: vs. Tulane
September 23rd: @ Baylor
September 30th: BYE
October 7th: vs. Iowa State
October 14th: vs. Texas
October 21st: @ Kansas State
October 28th: vs. Texas Tech
November 4th: @ Oklahoma State
November 11th: vs. TCU
November 18th: @ Kansas
November 25th: vs. West Virginia

Oklahoma State
September 2nd: vs. Tulsa
September 9th: @ South Alabama
September 16th: @ Pittsburgh
September 23rd: vs. TCU
September 30th: @ Texas Tech
October 7th: BYE
October 14th: vs. Baylor
October 21st: @ Texas
October 28th: @ West Virginia
November 4th: vs. Oklahoma
November 11th: @ Iowa State
November 18th: vs. Kansas State
November 25th: vs. Kansas

September 2nd: vs. Jackson State
September 9th: @ Arkansas
September 16th: vs. SMU
September 23rd: @ Oklahoma State
September 30th: BYE
October 7th: vs. West Virginia
October 14th: @ Kansas State
October 21st: vs. Kansas
October 28th: @ Iowa State
November 4th: vs. Texas
November 11th: @ Oklahoma
November 18th: @ Texas Tech
November 25th: vs. Baylor

September 2nd: vs. Maryland
September 9th: vs. San Jose State
September 16th: @ USC
September 23rd: BYE
September 30th: @ Iowa State
October 7th: vs. Kansas State
October 14th: vs. Oklahoma
October 21st: vs. Oklahoma State
October 28th: @ Baylor
November 4th: @ TCU
November 11th: vs. Kansas
November 18th: @ West Virginia
November 25th: vs. Texas Tech

Texas Tech
September 2nd: vs. Eastern Washington
September 9th: BYE
September 16th: vs. Arizona State
September 23rd: @ Houston
September 30th: vs. Oklahoma State
October 7th: @ Kansas
October 14th: @ West Virginia
October 21st: vs. Iowa State
October 28th: @ Oklahoma
November 4th: vs. Kansas State
November 11th: @ Baylor
November 18th: vs. TCU
November 25th: @ Texas

West Virginia
September 2nd: vs. Virginia Tech
September 9th: vs. East Carolina
September 16th: vs. Delaware State
September 23rd: @ Kansas
September 30th: BYE
October 7th: @ TCU
October 14th: vs. Texas Tech
October 21st: @ Baylor
October 28th: vs. Oklahoma State
November 4th: vs. Iowa State
November 11th: @ Kansas State
November 18th: vs. Texas
November 25th: @ Oklahoma

Of course, the Big 12 Championship game returns which will be played on Saturday December 3rd.

See if the college football sharps are picking any teams from the Big 12 to make it to the College Football Playoff.


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