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Baylor coach Matt Rhule part of ESPN National Championship Game coverage

baylor coach matt rhule press conference

Baylor head coach Matt Rhule is wasting no time as he tries to rebuild the image and brand of the Baylor Bears football program.

ESPN announces its plans for the National Championship Game, which includes a “Coaches Film Room telecast”, where coaches breakdown the game in real time, with limited commercial breaks. Rhule will be a part of this coverage, along with:

  • Dino Babers (Syracuse)
  • PJ Fleck (Minnesota)
  • Mark Helfrich (former Oregon head coach)
  • Mike MacIntrye (Colorado)

First off, a very likable and interesting group of coaches.

But, more importantly, this a great move by Rhule. Whether it was his idea or someone at Baylor’s idea, it’s smart PR and marketing.

Right now, Baylor needs a total image overhaul and rebranding. Rhule has already proven in several interviews he’s capable of being that “change agent” the University needs to be the new face of the football program. He’s even keeled, has a steady hand, and seems very genuine. Doing this ESPN telecast will only help him on the recruiting trail and help Baylor as a whole.

Also, maybe some skeptical Baylor fans will now put to rest the idea that the University is out to get them to try and favor the Texas Longhorns, in which the network owns a stake in with the Longhorn Network?

Trust me, I’m as questionable on ESPN’s motives as anyone. And yes, I do also believe that the fact that it was Baylor may have added fuel to the fire, but was not the driving force behind the ESPN’s intense coverage of this event. If ESPN was really that anti-Baylor and pro-Texas, they would not have invited or allowed Rhule to be part of this broadcast. But hey, that’s just me.

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