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Jesse Ertz, Nick Walsh troll Texas A&M on Twitter

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The Twitter account of Jesse Ertz was on fire on Thursday.

It’s been well noted in recent days that the Big 12 is only receiving 18 invites to the 2017 NFL Combine, far less than the 66 invites the SEC is receiving. Some SEC fan bases have used this as a chance to take a dig at the Big 12, like this Texas A&M fan account:

Of course, one of the many things that A&M fans don’t seem to get is they are admitting to being massive underachievers with a head coach who  clearly can’t coach as well as he recruits. The Aggies have three straight years of going 8-5, with in-conference records of 3-5, 4-4, and 4-4. Really, fellas? That’s embarrassing. And don’t tell me how great the SEC is. The SEC is Alabama and everybody else. There are no decent quarterbacks in the conference. There is no more SEC dominance, just Alabama dominance.

Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked… anyway, Kansas State punter Nick Walsh nailed it with this response to the previously mentioned tweet:

Of course, K-State beat A&M 33-28 in the Texas Bowl this past season.

But, it didn’t end there. Kansas State quarterback Jesse Ertz got in on the mix, adding his two cents with a pair of tweets:

Needless to say, it feels like Kansas State and the Big 12 got the last laugh here. 

Oh and back to A&M, there may be no more overrated program in the country than the Aggies. TWICE in the past 10 seasons they’ve had a conference record over .500, once in the Big 12 and once in the SEC. 

In fact, since the R.C. Slocum era (2003), the Aggies are 102-75 overall and 55-58 in conference play. 

As Jesse Ertz would say, “LMAOOOO.” 

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