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Penn State football staff responds to Mike Gundy

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After the Penn State wrestling team dominated Oklahoma State in Stillwater on Sunday in the title match-up of the 2017 NWCA Dual Championship Series, the Penn State football staff took a jab at Mike Gundy.

If you recall, last week Gundy tried to get Oklahoma State fans to show up to the wrestling match (which they did in record numbers), by releasing a video on Twitter of him in a singlet.

Well, Penn State head football coach James Franklin and the rest of his staff took the “singlet look” one step further, when the whole staff wore Nittany Lions singlets.

From what I gather (as a non-wrestling fan), it sounds like Oklahoma State kind of got its ass kicked by Penn State wrestling? Eh, it happens. They had a great season and should still be proud of all they accomplished. 

But, Penn State really needs to find their own material. Half these guys in the picture look so sheepish as if they’re saying to themselves, “God I hope no one recognizes me and this doesn’t come back to bite me in a future job interview.” 

If you’re Mike Gundy you can get away with this. If you’re the tight ends coach at Penn State … I’m not so sure. 

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