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Tom Herman was once fired from Subway for eating too much pastrami

Tom Herman

Tom Herman once worked at Subway. He was once fired by Subway. It’s not often that former fired Subway employees become FBS head football coaches. That just seems unusual. But that’s the case for Tom Herman.

Herman told the Dallas Morning News the story: 

“When people said, ‘Hey, what do you do?’ I would say, ‘I’m a subcontractor. Or submarine contractor,” Herman told the newspaper.

“I used to love the pastrami,” he said. “They had those big walk-in refrigerators. I was standing in there one day, with the door shut, just throwing pastrami in my mouth.

“It was like something out of a movie. I’ve got this bin of meat, throwing meat in my mouth, the door swings open and it’s the owner.

“He goes, ‘Get out. Don’t come back.’”

Frankly, I find pastrami to be fairly disgusting. I can’t imagine anything less pleasant than sitting in a refrigerator in the back of a Subway and ripping down slices of Subway pastrami while making minimum wage. But, this might start to make sense to me, because I don’t think Herman is alone.

Subway seems to get skimpier by the day with the meat on their sandwiches, so maybe that’s because most of the employees spend their down time sucking down pieces of meat…? There it is. I’ve finally figured this conundrum of limited meat on Subway sandwiches.

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