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TCU recruiting put on best visits, according to anonymous survey

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With recruiting season temporarily in the rearview mirror, a new anonymous survey of Dallas area recruits said TCU recruiting visits were the best of the bunch.

The survey was done by 247 Sports and asked several different questions to recruits, who did not have to reveal their identities. When asked who put on the best recruiting visits, the TCU Horned Frogs topped the list with 25% of the vote, followed by Texas at 19%, and then Oklahoma and Alabama were tied at 13%. Baylor came in 5th at 5%, which was tied with Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and others.

The memorable quote given by one recruit was, “Texas has the bigger campus. TCU has the game room, though.” 

Game room… I see this going one of two ways: Gary Patterson has either never picked up a gaming remote control in his life or he’s schooling his own players in everything from Madden to Gears of War. I really hope the latter in true, that would probably make my year.

Meantime, on the other side, the survey said Texas A&M and Texas State were tied for putting on the worst visits, each garnering 20% of the vote. Of the top 10, there were 3 Big 12 teams near the bottom of the list, with Oklahoma State, Baylor and TCU all getting 7.8% of the vote.

For all the hype Kevin Sumlin and his program has gotten in recent years for their recruiting prowess, this certainly puts quite a damper on that. Hell, one recruit even said, “Texas A&M was the worst. They didn’t even know who I was.”

What more can you say? That’s freaking embarrassing. It’s also amazing at the same time. Remember when Kevin Sumlin and the “SwagCopter” was all the rage in college football recruiting? Hell, remember when Kevin Sumlin was all the rage in college football coaching?

Feels like a lifetime ago.

But, kudos to Gary Patterson and the TCU recruiting folks for a job well done. Meantime, Godspeed to Sumlin and company in College Station.

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