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Patrick Mahomes on weirdest question asked to him in NFL Draft process

patrick mahomes nfl draft

The NFL Draft process has become one of the stranger things a person can go to. From watching you run drills shirtless and lift weights with the cameras rolling to looking into every nook and cranny of you’re background, it can get bizarre. Don’t forget there was the time former Oklahoma State WR and current Dallas Cowboys star wide out Dez Bryant being asked if his mother was a prostitute. It appears like many topics like that might seem too personal are right up the alley of NFL scouts and front office folks.

So as Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues to shoot up NFL Draft boards, he is getting interviewed by bigger and bigger media outlets. Most recently he joined Nick Wright and Cris Carter on Fox Sports 1, where Wright asked Mahomes, “What was the weirdest question that you’ve been asked by someone in this interview/scouting process?” 

Mahomes responded saying, “Not the weirdest, but the most, kind of, caught me off guard question, was I randomly just got asked, ‘you have 6 coins and 48 cents, what do you have?” 

Nick Wright being the show-off that he is made sure to note that he could answer the question, responding, “one quarter, two dimes and three pennies, by the way.” Thanks, Nick.

Mahomes went on to let Wright know that he also eventually got the answer.

For the record, I love those kinds of questions being asked to future employers, be it a future NFL quarterback or a banking analyst. I like to see how people respond, while watching their reaction and thought process to something like this. It can be especially valuable for a quarterback, who is going to be a decision maker and, in theory, the leader of your team.

Below is the entire 9-minute interview with Mahomes, while the discussion about this weird question begins around the 4:55 mark.

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