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Meet a Big 12 recruit: Oklahoma State DT Brendon Evers

Brendon Evers

When one of Oklahoma State’s newest defensive tackles decided on the Pokes, it was the family-oriented feel that ultimately sold him. Brendon Evers said Oklahoma State, “treats you like an individual, rather than just another number, like some of the other schools I went to.” See, family is important to Evers, the Bixby, Oklahoma native, who also held offers from Wyoming and UT-San Antonio.

Evers is 6’2”, 285 pounds, but when you look at the rest of his family (father, mother, and brother), you’d have no idea they’re related. That’s because they’re not, at least not by blood.

Evers was technically adopted before he was even born in Dallas. His parents were put in contact with a teenage couple in North Texas who was putting their son up for adoption. The Evers family jumped on the opportunity. While Brendon admits it was tough at times not looking like his family, he could not have asked for a better upbringing, telling Heartland College Sports, “it’s a blessing because my family picked me over many others and they just have had so much unconditional love for me. It’s been a gift from God that he took me out of a bad situation and put me in one where I could be successful in life.” 

As Evers prepares to report to Oklahoma State on June 7th, there have been plenty of good people around him who have contributed to his success. Brendon Evers began his career as an offensive lineman and he always assumed that’s what he would end up playing in high school and college. But on the day he was moved to the Varsity team his defensive coordinator called him into his office and explained Evers would be switching to defensive lineman.

Evers credits the team’s defensive line coach, Brad Clark, for much of his early development, saying, “if it hadn’t been for [coach Clark] I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t have been as successful as I’ve been at the position.” 

The plan for the defensive tackle is to get to camp this summer and give himself a chance at playing his first year in Stillwater. The 3-star prospect said he’s been in the weight room every day gaining mass and trying to work on his footwork and hands, so this way he isn’t behind when he reports to camp.

brendon evers bixby

Brendon Evers making a tackle while playing at Bixby High School in Oklahoma.

As he reflects back to his off-field situation, I had to ask Evers if he has any plans to meet his birth parents, or even if he ever wants to? “I’ve been back and forth on that and it’s something I’ve struggled with tremendously,” Evers said. He added, “I think I’d like to meet them one day down the road before my career at Oklahoma State starts taking off.” 

When Evers isn’t on the football field, you can find him hunting or fishing every chance he gets. To make some money on the side, he has spent much of his time umping baseball games. So, how many coaches did you have to throw out? “(laughs) A few! It teaches you a lot about patience and how to use your words to get out of a situation.” 

Evers expects a smooth transition to Stillwater, as he’s already befriended fellow recruits Brock Martin and Malcolm Rodriguez (both from Oklahoma), along with Jake McClure, the five-star punter who transferred to Oklahoma State from Tennessee.

And naturally, no conversation around Oklahoma State football right now is complete without a Mike Gundy mullet opinion or report. Evers was emphatic saying, “I like it! Not many college coaches have the guts to do something like that, so I think it’s awesome.” 

If Brendon Evers has his way, Mike Gundy will be complementing his new defensive tackles’ “guts” as well, sooner than later.

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