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Doug Gottlieb joins The Dan Patrick Show to talk Oklahoma State, expected big-name hire

Doug Gottlieb on The Dan Patrick Show

Days after being told by Oklahoma State AD Mike Holder he would not be the next head coach at Oklahoma State, Doug Gottlieb addressed the topic on The Dan Patrick Show.

Gottlieb joined Patrick on Monday and admitted what we all knew regarding why he didn’t get the job, saying, “they felt the retention of staff and the retention of players was the most important thing. And apparently Mike Boynton went in and “wowed ’em” on the interview and I did not. Or, I don’t know. The feedback I got from Mike Holder, the athletic director was, ‘I felt like I couldn’t hire somebody who hadn’t coached before.'” 

Gottlieb went on to say that he expected that answer from Holder to imply that Oklahoma State was going to go with a big-name hire, telling Patrick, “I thought, I would assume, when I hung up that phone, it was going to be somebody, a Tom Crean, a Tim Jankovich, somebody with a resume that I couldn’t compete with on paper.”

In watching and listening to the interview, it’s clear Gottlieb is still hurt by the decision, as he should be. He talked about how he was already starting to get the wheels in motion for his staff, along with working on the recruiting front, even before he had any indication on whether or not he would get the job.  

I always figured if Oklahoma State didn’t go with Doug Gottlieb, it would be in favor of a big name or, as he mentioned, someone with a track record and resume he simply couldn’t match. Mike Boynton may end up being a really good head coach, but guess what, he’s never been a head coach either. And if the success does come, you better believe he’ll be looking for his next, and better, gig.

Below is the full interview with Gottlieb on Dan Patrick. The Oklahoma State discussion is in the opening few minutes.

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