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WATCH: Young Bob Stoops gave defensive lecture in Chicago while coaching at Kansas State

Bob Stoops

Who says Bob Stoops doesn’t have a soft side?

Video was recently uploaded to YouTube of the Oklahoma head coach giving a lecture, to what I believe is high school coaches in the Chicago area, on the pattern read from zone coverage.

This video is from when Stoops was an assistant at Kansas State under Bill Snyder, so we are looking at sometime between 1989 and 1995.

There is so much to like about this video. First off, it wasn’t quite a mullet, but Stoops certainly had a little bit of a party going on in the back. Second style note: big fan of the wind pants. I think it’s time to bring them back. I read recently that Starter Jackets are making a comeback. If this is true, then we need the wind pants back in the mix. With that being said, I’m not bold enough to be the guy to start it. Any takers?

Then, to get an idea of how much the college football landscape has changed, Bob Stoops starts referring to the “Big 8” and the “11 Big Ten schools”. Feels like a lifetime ago, no? I wish it were still the case.

Continuing, how about the old school projector? When’s the last time you saw one of those? I remember them from when I was in the classroom as a kid. They actually bring back horrible memories.

“Things I’ve learned from Tony Dungy and Nick Saban with the BROWNS (?!?!)” So good. Ah, the days when Nick Saban was known as the “Browns head coach”. Oh my, how things have changed.

And if you want to actually learn something about defense, this is actually a pretty good video. Although many of the principles are a bit outdated due to the spread offenses that have overtaken college and more specifically the Big 12.

Anyway, here is the 17 minute gem!

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