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Texas Tech Spring Game Review: 5 Things We Learned

Texas Tech spring game

4. The Defensive Line is improving

We saw plenty of faces on this defensive line on Saturday. The first team consisted of DE Eli Howard, DT Broderick Washington, DT Mychealon Thomas and DE Kolin Hill. This group did an outstanding job clogging up the running lanes, leaving very little room to run through. They even made a couple outstanding 3rd and short stops against the offense. Yes, I know the offensive line struggled, but this unit stuffed the run all game long no matter who was out there. For the first time in recent memory, this defensive line was physical and aggressive throughout the game. They did a have a few offsides penalties called against them, but those are things that can be corrected. What you can’t correct is physicality and effort. This unit played with both on Saturday. On the flipside, someone has to emerge as a reliable pass rusher. As good as they were at stopping the run; they didn’t get to the quarterback much. I also want to note that 2nd team DT Nic McCann had an incredible game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get some serious playing time come fall.

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