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Bill Snyder: I’m done with cancer treatments

bill snyder

On Tuesday, Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder spoke publicly for the first time since it was announced he was undergoing treatments for throat cancer.

Snyder went on to deliver some good news saying, “I’m finished with all the treatments, just kind of going through the after-effects right now and will get tested again a while down the road in a few months.” 

Snyder added he found out about the cancer diagnosis before Kansas State’s Texas Bowl win vs. Texas A&M. He also said the after-effects have been the hardest part of what he’s been dealing with. Bill Snyder went on to tell reporters Tuesday he hasn’t been able to dedicate all the time he normally does to preparing for spring drills.

Snyder said he hasn’t had time to get back to all the folks who have reached out and expressed well wishes, saying, “I’m a little bit behind. It’s just being able to express my appreciation for people who genuinely care.”


Player reaction was what you would expect from the young men, like running back Alex Barnes, who said, “we know that Coach Snyder is a tough man and that he is going to be able to get through it. He has our support and he has the support of the entire K-State community. He’s going as strong as ever.”

What is Snyder’s future? That remains to be seen.  Snyder said he plans to coach Kansas State in 2017, but beyond that it’s not clear what he wants to do or what the University wants him to do. It will be interesting to see if, or how, the departure of AD John Currie affects Snyder’s decision.

Kansas State began its spring practice on March 29 and has its spring game on April 22.

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