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Tom Herman: Thank God we don’t have to play tomorrow

Tom Herman

With the Texas spring game in the books, Tom Herman addressed the media after the game.

The game was not scored traditionally, but rather based on accomplishments. Well, it worked out as the defense (Orange) came out with a one-point win, 52-51.

After the game, Tom Herman gave a classic Tom Herman comment to the media, saying:

Thank God we don’t have to play [a game] tomorrow. But, we’ve made strides, really the only goal from spring practice was to learn how to practice and learn what the expectations are in this program and learn that there’s no such thing as ‘just another day.’ When you walk in those doors, it’s 4th and inches. And when you leave, whatever it is, a workout, meeting, practice, you should be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. And if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong, you’re doing football wrong… I think our guys understand that. They believe it. Now the consistent execution of that is still a work in progress. But the buy in is the most difficult part and we’ve got that for the most part from most guys. But now it’s just the execution consistently of that intensity from the time you step in the building from the time you put your head down on the pillow. 


I totally respect Herman’s intensity. In many ways it’s reminiscent of Nick Saban, who beats the hell out of his guys so badly in spring and fall camp that they are begging for games to come around, because they are easier than practice.

It works… to an extent. Many coaches and analysts will say that Saban’s team can get worn down as the season progresses, which could, at times, in certain seasons, backfire.

No one is going to rip Saban’s style, but that is a criticism I’ve heard.

So, let’s see how this plays for Herman. As good as Houston looked last season in the opener against Oklahoma, there were times when they struggled and looked sluggish against teams like Navy and SMU.

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