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New K-State AD Gene Taylor isn’t thinking about Bill Snyder’s retirement

bill snyder

Like most things at Kansas State, Bill Snyder remains the biggest topic of discussion.

Kansas State hired Iowa deputy athletic director Gene Taylor as its new athletic director on Friday, replacing John Currie, who left for Tennessee in February.

Taylor’s introductory press conference was held on Monday morning where he covered various topics.

But the one that has the most interest to the fans was his reaction to Bill Snyder’s eventual retirement. Taylor told the media:

“Some day you’ll have to replace him but I don’t want to think about that yet.”

Taylor knew he was going to get asked a question along these lines, and he responded in the best way possible. There’s not much else he could have said, but we all know there is no more important decision that Taylor will be a part of in the coming years than who replaces the legend that is Bill Snyder.

But, I’m not sure if I believe Taylor. John Currie once said that he “thought about that scenario [replacing Snyder] every single day.”

The unique and interesting factor in all this is to see how the relationship grows between Taylor and Snyder, and finding out how much say Snyder ultimately has in his replacement. It’s fairly well known that Snyder and Currie weren’t seeing eye to eye towards the end of Currie’s tenure in Manhattan, especially when it came to Snyder’s replacement.

For the past few years, it’s been often reported that the 77-year-old Snyder has said his preference is for his son, Sean, to become the Wildcats’ next head coach. Although, some have denied those reports.

Regardless, this will be the biggest decision facing Taylor over the coming months and years, along with his men’s basketball coach, and the future of the Big 12.

Although let’s be honest, who would be shocked if Snyder coaches the next 10 years? Surprised? Yes. Shocked? No chance.

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