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Jon Gruden would take Patrick Mahomes as top quarterback

Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden’s QB Camp has become a staple this time of year. The former NFL head coach turned ESPN analyst brings in what are considered to be the top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft and sit down with each of them for an episode.

Gruden will run them through drills, while also bringing them in the film room to test their knowledge. It’s a little cheesy and schtick-y, but it’s also fun, and I admit, I’m a fan.

So when Gruden was done with all his quarterbacks recently, he was asked who he would take as his top QB in this year’s draft. His choice? None other than former Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes.

Here’s the video:

You surprised?

Well, you shouldn’t be.

Mahomes was once considered a second-round pick when he declared for the draft. Meantime, some recent mock drafts have had him going as high at No. 6 to the New York Jets.

Granted I’m not in the “war rooms” and I haven’t met Mitch Trubisky (oh sorry, that’s Mitchell), but I’m hesitant going with a quarterback in the NFL who has only made 13 career starts in college.

Mahomes may be the biggest boom or bust QB of the top names in the draft based on his incredible physical skills. But unlike some other guys who have come with great physical abilities that have failed in the NFL (Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, etc.), Mahomes comes from a professional sports family (his father was an MLB pitcher) and he’s clearly a very mature individual who takes his craft very seriously.

I don’t believe Patrick Mahomes enters camp Day 1 as your starting QB as a rookie, but give him a year in the right environment, and he’ll be a quality NFL quarterback.

I’m with … (no, not Her) Jon Gruden.

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