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Oklahoma State’s Alamo Bowl rings say ’11-2′ record

alamo bowl rings

Whether you’re a fan of the Oklahoma State Cowboys or not how can you not like Mike Gundy?  The mullet having, dancing, rattlesnake hunting, “I’m a man, I’m 40” ranting head coach doesn’t care what many people think.  His latest middle finger to conventional thinking comes in the form of the rings his players received for winning the Alamo Bowl last year.

Right there on the side: 11-2

No asterisk and no hard math is needed to realize that losses to Central Michigan, Baylor, and Oklahoma add up to 10-3.  But Gundy doesn’t care.  If you remember OSU finished the season with three losses instead of two due to dropping a home game to the Central Michigan Chippewas early in the season.

Or did they?

Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard the story about how the refs mistakenly awarded CMU an untimed down that they used to run a Hail Mary hook and lateral for the win. It was an amazing play that should have never happened.  But the NCAA doesn’t overturn games, even when the refs admit they made a mistake.  Now in fairness, as we’ve gone over a million times, the Cowboys should’ve never allowed the Chips to be within a single score anyway. But regardless, the Pokes should’ve come out of that September game with a win.

For the rest of the season when discussing his team’s record Gundy did his own math, always adjusting his team’s record to reflect it as a win when he mentioned it.

Apparently he has no plans of ever seeing it differently! And why should he anyway?!

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