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Glenn Spencer calls out OK State LB on Twitter

glenn spencer

Unlike some college football programs, Glenn Spencer and Oklahoma State actually want their players to go to class!

The weather in Oklahoma is typical April weather in Oklahoma, with high winds, heavy rains and more storms expected throughout the afternoon.

So, rising sophomore linebacker Kevin Henry thought he would take to Twitter and express his desire to skip classes. Hell, it’s hard to blame him. You’re in college, it’s a Friday and the weather sucks.

But unlike you and I, there was no one to really account for us on social media or to care whether or not we went to classes.

That’s not the case for Mr. Henry, who was promptly called out by his defensive coordinator, Glenn Spencer.


Well it’s safe to say, Henry made his way to class!

It’s hilariously refreshing to see this from a coach.

I imagine a lot of coaches might see this and keep scrolling through their timeline. But not coach Spencer! The man means business.

Also note: while I’m sure Kevin Henry is a good dude, if you actually have thoughts about skipping class (and who doesn’t in college?), maybe, just maybeeee, don’t broadcast it on Twitter when your coordinator follows you.

What I would really love to know is what exactly is included in the “300”. Does that mean the “300 workout” where it’s basically a non-stop workout of pull ups, deadlifts, push ups, box jumps and more. Or is it some different kind of workout?

That’s my biggest question coming out of all of this.

Most importantly, it’s nice to see Kevin Henry made his way to class!

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