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Big 12 baseball power rankings: Monday, April 24th, 2017

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6. Baylor Bears (24-16, 6-9)

The Bears just barely squeak up one spot this week’s Big 12 baseball power rankings. It wasn’t necessarily because the Bears had a rough week. They did lose the series this weekend. It was on the road to TCU though, so I took that into account when I moved the Bears up. However, I also considered keeping them down because unlike Oklahoma State, these Bears dropped a series in Lubbock. In fact, Baylor was nearly swept by Tech. It took a miraculous comeback to avoid the sweep, and that miraculous comeback has sparked the Bears to become a competitive team again. Their RPI is outstanding, and they’ve probably got the easiest schedule remaining in Big 12 play. That being said, Baylor heads to Kansas this week. No one has been able to leave Lawrence with a series victory so far. Baylor could really use a series win if they want to remain a solid regional team. A loss this weekend could plummet their RPI and no one wants to be on the bubble.

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys (23-16, 6-9) 

One week ago, we pretty much wrote off the Cowboys in the Big 12 baseball power rankings. We gave Oklahoma State a scenario of how it could revive its regional hopes. That scenario included a win at Texas Tech this weekend. I’m not sure they heard me correctly. Perhaps, they thought I said they had to win the series. In a complete turn of events, Oklahoma State flew into Lubbock, took the series from a top 10 nationally ranked team, and went back to Stillwater with an RPI that is soaring up. What’s even more impressive is they scored a victory on Friday night while committing five errors. Don’t rub your eyes. Yes, your monitor is working correctly. FIVE ERRORS. In fact, I kept this team below Baylor simply because of that stat. Five errors is absolutely ridiculous. Quite frankly, I hope I never see a victorious team commit five errors again. It just makes baseball look atrocious.

8.Oklahoma Sooners (28-15, 6-6)

The Sooners nearly got swept at home by the only team in the conference who is currently sporting a losing record. Their comeback victory over Kansas Sunday snapped a seven-game losing streak. Prior to the victory, Oklahoma was 1-9 in their previous 10 games. The Sooners gave up 32 total runs this past week. If this doesn’t spell free fall, I don’t know what does,. Good luck in Morgantown this week. Oklahoma’s going to need it to improve its standings in next week’s Big 12 baseball power rankings.

9.Kansas State Wildcats (21-19, 4-11)

“One good deed is not enough to redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness.”-Commodore Norrington in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

One series victory is not enough to redeem a team a season of cellar dwelling. Yes, they knocked off the No.1 team from the Big 12 baseball power rankings. Yes, they took a game from a top 10 nationally ranked team. However, all three of those victories came at home. Are the Wildcats making progress? Certainly. The Wildcats will get their opportunity to move up in two weeks after they host Oklahoma. Hopefully, by that time, they will have added at least seven victories to their resume, including a midweek road victory over Arkansas.

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