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ESPN layoffs include Big 12, college football reporters

espn layoffs

It’s a sad day anytime folks lose their jobs. But the ESPN layoffs that have been rumored for weeks started coming down on Wednesday, and there were many surprising casualties.

As someone who makes a living in the media industry, I feel for these guys. I don’t run Heartland College Sports on the side of a traditional 9-5 job. I work for Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports Radio, Fox News, along with other media outlets. I know how hard this business is and it’s not one that offers job security to most people. It never has been.

Here are some of the hits, that as a Big 12/college football fan, you will probably recognize.

Big 12 reporter Max Olson

College football analyst/radio host Danny Kanell

College football insider Brett McMurphy

College football recruiting coordinator Jeremy Crabtree

Big Ten football reporter Austin Ward

We will update this list as more relevant ESPN layoffs come to the surface for Big 12 and college football fans. But overall it’s a sad day. Regardless of what you think of some of these individual’s work, remember they are people with families and bills to pay.

It just sucks. The media industry is changing so rapidly, it would take me a full day to explain it in a column. Maybe in the near future as will. As someone on the inside, I can tell you it’s not going to be pretty moving forward.

Thanks as always for reading Heartland College Sports as we will continue to do our best to bring you quality Big 12 coverage on the written, audio and digital front.

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