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Podcast: Big 12’s brutal NFL draft weekend and ESPN layoffs

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In this week’s Big 12/college football podcast we touched on a horrible weekend for the Big 12 at the NFL Draft. What can the conference and individual teams do to help fix this situation? Heck, is it even fixable?

Also, we addressed which Big 12 college football player(s) that went undrafted will have solid NFL careers and which ones were dopes for coming out too early.

Meantime, our discussion continues regarding TCU’s decision to nix it’s home-and-home with Ohio State in favor of one game at AT&T Stadium for $5 million in 2018. It’s always about money for these athletic departments, and as much as I don’t like the move, it makes sense, and will continue happening in the college football world. As long as teams are continuing to have to fund and prop up all the non-revenue sports across their universities, then these types of games at AT&T Stadium will only increase, not decrease going forward.

Lastly, with the layoffs coming down at ESPN, I touched on what is the driving force behind their dying business model (and it’s not politics).

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