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Tom Herman’s ‘Texas RevolUTion’ In Full Effect

Tom Herman Texas "RevolUTion"

In case you have been living under a rock, the Tom Herman era is in full swing on the 40 acres, and as a result, so is the “Texas RevolUTion”. From the ten thousand dollar lockers to his awesome sound bites, Herman is a polarizing media figure. If you have been following recruiting this offseason, you probably have seen the hashtag “RevolUTion” all across social media. Now whether you simply choose to ignore it because you despise the University of Texas or simply do not follow recruiting, there is definitely something brewing in Austin. While Herman was publicly criticized for his 2017 signing class for being “not good enough” according to Texas standards, he has quickly turned the so called doubters into believers in the world of college football recruiting. Just take a peek at who Tom Herman and company have in store for the 2018 class and you too may turn into a believer.

*All stars and rankings are provided by 247 sports

Justin Watkins (Clermont, FL) – 4 star WR, #8 WR prospect in the country- Previously committed to FSU and flipped to Texas on 2/25/17. Was the first 2018 commit for Tom Herman.

Byron Hobbs (Ft. Worth, TX) – 3 star OLB, #24 OLB prospect in the country- committed on 4/17/17

Casey Thompson (Moore, OK) – 4 star QB, #8 Dual Threat QB in the country- Thompson was an OU legacy but choose to cross the Red River to the Sooners most hated rival.

Cameron Rising (Newbury Park, CA) – 4 star QB, #7 Pocket Passer QB in the country- Rising was once the Sooners crown jewel of 2018 until Tom Herman stepped in and ripped the heart out of the Sooners 2018 recruiting class.

Reese Moore (Seminole, TX) – 3 star OT, # 31 OT prospect in the country- Played TE and isn’t that highly rated as a tackle prospect. Sound familiar Texas fans? Just take a look at no other than starting All-American LT Connor Williams as he took a much similar path as Moore is currently on.

Ron Tatum (Oklahoma City, OK) – 4 star DE, #5 DE prospect in the country- Committed on 4/26/17. Who many thought was a lock to Oklahoma; Tatum surprised many folks by choosing Texas. Tom Herman once again steals one from Bob Stoops.

Cameron Dicker (Austin, TX) – 2 star, #3 ranked kicker prospect in the country- If you have watched the Texas kicking game over the past few years, this one was a no brainer.

Caden Sterns (Cibolo, TX) – 4 star, #4 ranked Safety prospect in the country- Sterns was the latest Herman commit of the bunch. Herman and company flipped one of the best safety prospects in the nation from LSU.

After taking a peak at this class, there is one thing that sticks out to me. Out of the 8 commits, half of them are from out of state. Herman has stressed about building those relationships with Texas high school coaches but at the same time he isn’t afraid to get kids that he feels that can help him win championships no matter where they come from. As you can see by this list, Herman has flipped prospects from FSU, OU and LSU. That’s big time if you ask me, we aren’t talking about flipping kids from smaller power five programs. These are blueblood programs of college football. After three consecutive seven loss seasons, Tom Herman is making headlines with this 2018 class as it has now moved into the top ten as well as being the top class in the Big 12. Most importantly, Texas is focusing on quality not quantity when it comes to building this class.

Also I found it very interesting that Herman is really making a mark in Oklahoma since it has always been known as “Sooner territory”, so this years Red River Showdown may be a sneak peek at what we could see for years to come. Not only is this rivalry taking place on the field but it has found its way into becoming heated recruiting battles off the field (Which is always entertaining). Not to mention that the Houston area is absolutely loaded in the 2018 class and Texas has yet to land one prospect from that part of Texas. Since Herman was the head coach at Houston for the past two seasons, he has some good connections down there. Once he gets one or two commits from Houston, that’s when the dominoes could really start falling for this class. Texas is in prime position to have a top 3 class this next year if they can find some success on the field come fall. Herman has certainly talked the talk at Texas but everyone wants to know if he can walk the walk too.

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