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Podcast: Paul Finebaum is losing it, Tim Fitzgerald of GoPowercat

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In the opening monologue I hit on why Paul Finebaum is starting to lose credibility when it comes to ripping the Big 12 and insisting Oklahoma wants to bolt out of the Big 12. The ESPN talk show host was on SiriusXM radio on Wednesday and, once again, claimed the Sooners want out of the Big 12, while calling the conference a “train wreck” and saying, the Big 12 is “The Titanic, and you can see the iceberg in sight.”

The Big 12 may not be the most stable conference, and does have its issues, but Finebaum is begging for material at this point. Plus, if you want to talk about a train wreck, all you really need to do is listen to Finebaum’s radio show. Yikes.

We were then joined by Tim Fitzgerald of (13 minute mark), where we discussed Bill Snyder’s job status and how long Tim thinks Snyder will hang on to the job. What are the odds that the successor is already on the staff versus on the outside? Will it be his son, Sean Snyder? Brent Venables? And what was his biggest takeaway from spring practice in Manhattan.


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