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Bob Stoops is buying $2 million row homes in Chicago

Bob Stoops Oklahoma spring practice 2017

If you were a college football coach a generation ago, you have got to be kicking yourself for simply being born at the wrong time. In 1996, Bobby Bowden was making $1 million to coach Florida State. After adjusted for inflation, that’s a bit over $1.5 million today. Well now you’ve got Bob Stoops making over $6 million, and freakin’ Nick Saban is making $11 million this year to coach Alabama.

One would argue these guys are well worth it for the exposure and interest they bring to their Universities, but it’s still pretty outrageous.

So when you’ve got that kind of dough, you go ahead and do what Bob Stoops reportedly did: buy a $2.25 million row home in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. To add to the storyline, the Chicago Tribune reports, “In 2006, he and his wife paid $2.2 million for a vintage row home that is next door to the one that they just bought.” 

My guess is this is a spot that the Stoops’ utilize during the limited downtime they have over the summer. It looks beautiful, and since Stoops is a Midwest guy (Ohio), it seems like a good fit.

Hell, let’s be honest, have you ever been in Norman, Oklahoma in July? It’s one of those heats that you have to experience to fully understand. I’ll take the Chicago row house as well.

If you want to check out some of the pictures of the Stoops’ latest purchase, check out the link here at the Chicago Tribune.

No matter what you think of Bob Stoops, he, or maybe more so his wife (?), have good taste in real estate.

Also, it’s always laughable to compare real estate prices. While Stoops paid over $2 million for a row house, his estate in Norman sold in 2014 for less than $1.5 million.

Ever wonder why people are fleeing Chicago at a rapid pace? Combine awful weather, burdensome taxes, high crime and cost of living… and boom, there you go.

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