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Big 12 baseball power rankings: May 22nd, 2017

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6. Texas Longhorns (34-20, 11-12)

Despite winning the series against a solid West Virginia team, Texas awkwardly gets leapfrogged by the team they defeated this week. Here’s the deal: Texas has a losing conference record. A major reason for that losing conference record is their road woes. Their struggles outside of Austin are evident with a 6-11 record. It’s not like they were world beaters at home either. Texas Tech swept them in Austin. They also split a series against a Rice team who is having its worst-ever season under Wayne Graham.

David Pierce has done a stellar job with this team in his first season at the helm. They should be considered a lock for an NCAA Regional. However, this team is not making it out of the NCAA Regionals. They’re just hoping to play three games instead of two. This team is bad outside of Austin, and that’s a recipe for disaster when you are not hosting the regional. Texas is playing to solidify itself as a 2 seed this weekend.

7. Kansas Jayhawks (29-26, 11-13) 

Baseball America had Kansas in the field of 64 entering this weekend. Kiss any of those hopes goodbye. The Jayhawks were humiliated by a Texas Tech squad who showed zero mercy. For the first time since February, Kansas got swept. There’s only one hope for Kansas to sneak into the field of 64 now: win the Big 12 Tournament. I don’t see that happening. It was a fun ride while it lasted. So long to the blue chickens!

8. Oklahoma State Cowboys (26-25, 8-13)

Unbelievable! Oklahoma State backdoored its way into the Big 12 Tournament. Here’s the weirdest part about the Cowboys season: Two of their three series victories came against the three teams who boast a winning record in conference play (2-1 at Texas Tech, 2-0 vs. Oklahoma). The Cowboys beat the teams they weren’t suppose to, but lost to the teams they should have handled. The immaturity factor killed Oklahoma State this year. But hey, it could be worse. At least the Cowboys will be at the Big 12 Tournament. The team below them can’t say that.

9.Kansas State Wildcats (29-26, 8-16)

One week ago, I said it’s hard to complain about an 8-16 team getting “hosed”. This is the exact reason you don’t leave things to chance. Oklahoma State had two games cancelled this season due to rain. The way their season ended up, it’s very likely they lose at least one of those games. I also like the chances of the Cowboys being 8-16 just like Kansas State. However, Oklahoma State took two out of three against Kansas State in Stillwater. The Wildcats finished up with a very impressive road series win at Baylor. The fact is: this was the worst team in the Big 12 this year. They featured the worst pitching in the league with a 6.44 ERA (Baylor was 8th with a 5.40). Only Will Brennan featured an average over .300 with at least 60 at bats. The other .300 hitter, Jake Wodtke (.328 in 58 at-bats while starting in 15 of 24 games) produced just three extra-base hits, all of which were doubles.

There is a reason Kansas State is not going to the Big 12 Tournament. They didn’t perform, and now their season is over.

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