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Mike Leach is still pissed off at Texas Tech

Mike Leach

In a way only Mike Leach can, the former Texas Tech head coach was a guest on The Ticket in Dallas on Friday, and took a conversation about Bob Stoops into his own vendetta against his former employer.

Leach was asked about Bob Stoops’ retirement from Oklahoma, and he quickly pivoted the conversation, saying:

“So when I got fired from Tech, and incidentally, Tech has not paid me my salary from 2009, in which we won 9 games, and they haven’t won 9 since… so, any of this business, you go to West Texas, and everybody you meet, shake their hand, a guy’s word is his bond, shake their hand, and they’ll pay you. I can tell you one guy there, Kent Hance, who was chancellor there, if he gives you his word, don’t listen to a word of it. And if he gives you a contract and it’s signed, you might as well rip the thing up, because it’s not worth the paper that it’s written on because the state of Texas, in a very third-world fashion, is the only state that will exercise sovereign immunity against an integrated contract.”

Leach went on to explain that if you sign a contract in the state of Texas, that’s only worth something at the “pleasure of the state of Texas”, and the state can renege on it at any time.

Then came another uppercut from Leach, who added, “And other states don’t do that because that’s how North Korea does business.”

Leach said he’s still trying to fight it, but he needs to get a bill placed before the legislature and they need to give you the right to sue the state of Texas.

As for how much the University owes him? Over 2.5 Million, just for 2009.

Leach did go on to praise the folks in Lubbock and said the fan base was great. But he’s clearly still bitter about how things ended in Lubbock.

Frankly, it’s too bad. I still miss the Mike Leach days. He’s not a perfect human being (who is?), but what he did with that program and the success he brought to it, may not again be duplicated for a very long time.

Plus, what he’s doing with a downtrodden Washington State program is just more proof that, as strange as he is, the man can coach football.

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