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LSU blocks Willie Allen transfer to TCU, still pettiest program in America

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Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers are once again proving to be one of the most spiteful programs in the nation. According to, LSU is blocking former five-star offensive lineman Willie Allen from transferring to TCU.

Their reasoning? LSU believes that TCU was recruiting Allen prior to his official release in June. But what many people really believe is going on is bad blood between TCU and LSU over the commitment of four-star Louisiana QB Justin Rogers to the Horned Frogs. Rogers is also the top QB prospect in the state.

It’s common for schools to block players from transferring within the conference or to schools that are on the schedule in the near future. However this is clearly not the case with Allen. In fact, Willie Allen’s transfer list reportedly includes UCLA, Baylor and Miami. If he picks the Hurricanes, the first game Allen would play would be against LSU.

Allen came out of high school as a top-ten player in the state of Louisiana, and was one of the best offensive tackles in the country, but was not expected to start this fall.

So clearly there is more to the story than what LSU is letting on. Don’t forget, it was just earlier this week that LSU blocked Texas from being a part of satellite camps in Louisiana.

This is just the latest situation making LSU look incredibly small and it will be, and should be, used against them on the recruiting trail. Ed Orgeron and his staff are trying to control everything in their power to protect the best players in Louisiana from leaving them. While it’s admirable, there is also a line, and the Tigers have clearly crossed it.

Orgeron, who sold himself as a master recruiter (since we know he isn’t going to ‘out-coach’ Nick Saban or… anyone for that matter), lost the best QB prospect in the state to TCU. Had it been Ohio State, OK. But, TCU? That stings for the Tiger faithful. Instead of manning up and hitting the recruiting trail harder, Orgeron is choosing to play a game that will backfire right in his face.

If stories like this keep coming out that Orgeron is only looking out for his program instead of the well-being of often underprivileged kids in the state of Louisiana, watch that recruiting pipeline dissipate quickly.

Have fun with this, LSU.

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