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Report: TCU, Texas Tech lead state in liquor, drug arrests

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A new report from ProjectKnow says TCU leads the state of Texas in liquor and drug-related arrests on campus. Meantime, Texas Tech came in third on the list with SMU sandwiched in between.

Here are what the numbers looked liked:

1) Texas Christian University 

Liquor-related disciplinary actions and arrests: 747

Drug disciplinary actions and arrests: 89

2) Southern Methodist University

Liquor-related disciplinary actions and arrests: 266

Drug disciplinary actions and arrests:  46

3) Texas Tech University

Liquor-related disciplinary actions and arrests: 152
Drug disciplinary actions and arrests: 93

Other Big 12 schools on this list include Baylor at #10 with 61 liquor-related disciplinary actions and arrests.

Is it a coincidence that Texas and Texas A&M, two massive public universities are missing from this list? So, is this entire list really just “fake news”?

Just play the numbers game. TCU has just over 10,000 students enrolled, while Texas has over 50,000 and Texas A&M has more than 60,000 students. There seems to me to be no legitimate mathematical way TCU, Baylor Stephen F. Austin and Texas State have more of these incidents than UT or A&M.

So that, OR, Texas and Texas A&M just let students slide and don’t report or punish these offenders.

I don’t look at this report as a knock on TCU. College students drink. I don’t think the percentage difference in population of underage drinking varies all that much between TCU, Texas, Baylor, or Florida, Harvard, UCLA and others. It’s more a matter of how seriously a university takes these issues and what they do about it.

As someone who went to a Catholic university, I’m not in the least bit surprised a Christian institution like TCU would take these problems more seriously than a larger public school would.

In fact, if you look at the study, TCU is third in the nation in these arrests, while Marquette is No. 1. Marquette has an enrollment of about 11,000. So you’re telling me that two universities with around 10,000-12,000 students enrolled have the first and third-most liquor-related arrests on campus?!

I’m just having a hard time with this one.

If I’m a TCU alum, I wouldn’t sweat this report. There’s just too much here that doesn’t add up.

So, is this “fake news” from ProjectKnow?

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