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Podcast: Big 12 vs. SEC recruiting war is on

Big 12 vs. SEC recruiting battles

With the college football season still in offseason mode, the Big 12 vs. SEC recruiting battle continues to take the spotlight. Not only are there some good recruiting wars inside the Big 12 between Oklahoma, Texas and others, but the Big 12 finds itself in a recruiting standoff against the SEC. LSU has now ticked off both Texas and TCU, and who knows who’s next? Probably Kansas, since the Jayhawks have had a ton of success recruiting in Louisiana lately.

But overall, this is all good news for the Big 12 to rebuild its regional and national brand. I also dove into Will Grier’s eligibility for the upcoming season and what the realistic expectations should be for the Mountaineers as a program. Lincoln Riley’s pay raise for his new contract was more than sufficient, and how about TCU being a big drinking school? Is this real news or fake news?

My guest this week was Mike Plank (10:25), head editor of the Kansas Jayhawks fan site Rock Chalk Talk. We stuck to football and talked about the incredible recruiting progress of the Jayhawks, who will be the quarterback this fall, and upgrades coming to Memorial Stadium. Enjoy!

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