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While the college football season typically lasts only a little over 4 months, there is one thing that never stops: recruiting.

This is the one aspect of the college football game that is 24/7, 365 days of the year. To simply put it, there is no offseason for recruiting (outside of a couple dead periods). A commitment can happen at any place or any time of the day. Recruiting has become almost bigger than the game itself sometimes and as social media continues to cross paths in recruiting, the fans get more involved as well.

Just like how the cowboys traveled on the old dusty trail, the recruiting trail can be just as bumpy and harsh (of course, depending on who you root for). It’s time to circle the wagons folks and grab a seat by the campfire because the Big 12 Recruiting Roundup is here. This is a place to check out how your team is doing on the recruiting trail as well as how they stack up against their conference foes. Whether you want to just check on your team or take a gander over at the competition, there is always room for you at the Recruiting Roundup.

In the past, Heartland College Sports has given you recruiting pieces such as “Meet a Big 12 recruit”, which will continue, along with breakdowns of all the recruiting classes after signing day. But the Big 12 “Recruiting Roundup” is an entirely new feature headed by Derek Duke.

Duke will handle this as bi-monthly write-ups about the commits that happen from the beginning of the month to the 15th and drop a mid-month update on the 16th of each month. He will also post an update on the final day of the month for the commits that happen from they 16th to the end of the month.

Derek will include updated class rankings as well as giving trends for how each team is doing on the recruiting trail (Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold). Additionally, he will include his analysis on each prospect that will be featured in that particular piece, and do his best to track down commits for comment, if possible.

Thanks as always for joining us as we launch the Big 12 Recruiting Roundup. Sure there will be some kinks, but we are always appreciative and thankful for your support as we continue to build the most comprehensive, unique and popular independently owned and operated Big 12 site on the internet.

-Pete Mundo

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