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‘Horns up, Limes in’: Corny slogan for Corona, Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorns flag horns up, limes in

The Texas athletics department announced a partnership with Corona Extra, naming the beer an official sponsor of the Texas Longhorns. The slogan that will be used is, “Horns Up, Limes In.”

Anything for a buck, right?

Clearly, Corona is looking to improve its image amongst Longhorns fans. This past season, the three favorite beers for UT fans were Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Bud Light. Also, Corona plans to have a “Corona Beach House” located near Darrel K Royal-Memorial Stadium on gamedays for fans 21 and over.

Texas started selling alcohol at games under former AD Steve Patterson. While that news came with mixed reviews and Patterson has since been fired, there’s no down it’s been a massive revenue generator for Texas, selling over $3 million in beer and wine last season.

As for the slogan, it’s just cheesy and very cliche. Worst in the world? Nope. That would be the Carl’s Jr. slogan of, “If It Doesn’t Get All Over the Place, It Doesn’t Belong in Your Face.”

Yea, that was bad…

“Texas is proud to join with the Corona Extra team to promote the excitement and pageantry of collegiate sports,” UT athletic director Mike Perrin said in a statement.

Meantime, Corona’s VP of Marketing, John Alvarado said, “There really isn’t anything more emblematic of the state of Texas than the storied history of the four-time football national champion Texas Longhorns,” (I think every TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor, and Texas A&M fan just puked a little in their mouths). Alvarado added, “Corona is honored to be a part of the legendary Longhorns lore, and we’re excited to raise our Coronas and Hook ’em Horns this season as part of a statewide platform.”

This is just the start. Teams and Universities will start taking this path, and don’t be shocked if it 10+ years, all pro teams and college teams will follow the NBA model of being able to sell ad space on jerseys, as soccer teams in Europe have done for years.

It’s coming, just wait. This is only the very beginning.

“Horns Up, Limes In”, baby.

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