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Baylor settles first lawsuit stemming from sexual assault allegations

Baylor University

In what is likely to be the first of many, Baylor University has settled a federal lawsuit with a former student. She was anonymously referred to as Jane Doe, and accused the nation’s largest Baptist school of fostering a ”hunting ground for sexual predators” after they mishandled her alleged attack in 2015.

Baylor has settled with at least three other women who were attacked, but those three did not file any lawsuits. In this case, Jane Doe claims she was assaulted after being drugged and assaulted off-campus residence known as ”The Rugby House”. It should also be noted that the alleged assailant in this specific case was not named, but noted it was not a member of Baylor’s rugby club team. There also isn’t any indication that the alleged abuser was a football player.

The lawsuit claims that Baylor did not give much of an effort to help identify the attacker and to get justice for the victim. In her lawsuit, she claims that Baylor University did initially try to help, adding there were two other alleged victims from “The Rugby House.” But she then claims school investigators cut off communication with her after 5 weeks. She would go on to drop out of Baylor in the summer of 2015.

Baylor did try to get the lawsuit dismissed. Their argument claimed that while the attack was ”horrific” it had not occurred at a place or event under Baylor control.

In a statement, the university said, ”Baylor University is pleased that the parties were able to resolve this dispute in an amicable fashion. We are unable to comment further regarding this particular claim out of respect for the student’s privacy.”

But this is all still just the beginning for Baylor University, which still faces five federal Title IX discrimination lawsuits. The school is also dealing with an NCAA probe, along with state criminal and federal civil rights investigations.

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