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No (bad) news is good news at Big 12 Media Days

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days

The big story so far at this year’s Big 12 Media days has been…

…that there isn’t one?

The difference between last year and this year is palpable. And that’s a good thing.

How many years has it been since the Big 12 didn’t have a pressing issue that has became the focus for all of us to talk about?

From 2010-13 the conference lost and gained teams at a dizzying pace.  Colorado went west. Nebraska went north. Texas A&M and Mizzou went east.  TCU joined the neighborhood party and West Virginia decided traveling west all the time would be fun.

Since then we’ve had predictions of the conference dying almost every offseason, mostly revolving around some rumor of Oklahoma and/or Texas leaving.  We had the death of the BCS and the coming of the College Football Playoff and how the Big 12 was doomed to never be included because of its lack of a Championship Game.

Last year everyone was discussing either expanding back to 12 teams or the horrible situation developing at Baylor.  I’d be surprised if every coach didn’t get asked a question about both those subjects at the 2016 Media Days.

The vibe every offseason recently has been gloom and despair.  Weep for the Big 12, as its surely on its last leg!

But this year there hasn’t been that feeling of seriousness.  The only thing that everyone seems to be talking about on day one of this two day event is the departure of Bob Stoops and the subsequent promotion of Lincoln Riley.  And all of that is very positive.  No one has a bad thing to say about Big Game Bob for good reason.  Riley is well respected, liked, and well spoken.  Besides Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury getting asked about his defense by someone who was obviously very unhappy that the Red Raiders can’t stop anyone everything has been pretty light hearted.  And everyone actually got a pretty good chuckle out of that exchange, including Kingsbury.

I haven’t even heard anyone mention the fact that conference revenue was outstanding, which goes to help dispel the rumors of the impending death of the league.  Commissioner Bob Bowlsby mentioned it, but after that nothing.

Good news isn’t news, I guess?

Maybe tomorrow brings a different tone with it, but that’s unlikely.  There’s a chance new Baylor head coach Matt Rhule gets asked some uncomfortable questions, sure.  But with new Texas coach Tom Herman’s bright personality, Mike Gundy and his mullet, Crazy Dana Holgorsen, and the Wizard Bill Snyder to offset any unpleasantness I don’t see this thing ending without everyone have anything but a smile on their face about the upcoming season.

Well maybe except for people like me.  The lack of drama makes what we do a bit harder.

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