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Mike Leach takes his Texas Tech beef to Twitter

Mike Leach

Mike Leach is not giving up when it comes to the money he is owed by Texas Tech. Just a few weeks ago, Leach was on Dallas radio ranting and raving against Tech and the laws in the Lone Star State.

For those of you that need the refresher: Leach was controversially fired following a 9-4 season at Texas TEch. The current head coach at Washington State believes he’s owed about $2.5 million, which includes $1.6 million in guaranteed income from his television and radio shows and other marketing deals.

On Saturday, Mike Leach chose to take the fight to Twitter.

What kicked everything off was this article written by a pro-Washington State blog, which Leach chose to retweet.

Leach then went on to explain why he hasn’t had his day in court in the state of Texas, to which he explained via a screenshot on Twitter what the sovereign immunity law is, pointing out, “Texas remains the only state in the United States that still requires a claimant to first obtain permission from the legislature to sue the state for a breach of contract claim. This particular view of sovereign immunity is shared by the likes of North Korea, Somalia, Western Sahara and Turkmenistan – states which also invoke sovereign immunity with impunity.”

Mike Leach went on to channel his inner Donald J. Trump with this incredibly effective and to-the-point tweet shortly after.

Leach then began retweeting several of his supporters, including Heartland College Sports contributor Cam Brock.

Considering the amount of support Leach is getting from the Texas Tech community on this, it’s surprising to see the fight drag on this long. When’s the last time a head coach who hasn’t been on campus in nearly a decade receive this kind of support from those fans? It just goes to show how important Mike Leach was to the Lubbock community and how the fans still long for those “glory days” of Red Raiders football.

Hopefully this can all be resolved sooner than later.

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