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Mike Vick wishes he had Patrick Mahomes’ arm

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Patrick Mahomes has gone from gimmicky college quarterback, to rising up the NFL Draft boards, to top ten pick, to being praised by former Pro Bowl players. The latest to do so was Mike Vick.

Mike Vick completed his coaching internship with the Chiefs last week and didn’t speak with any media while working with the staff. But late last week he sat down for an minute interview with Colin Cowherd on “The Herd.”

Vick had very high praise for Mahomes, saying:

“I saw Patrick Mahomes do some things that I wish I could have done with my arm, in terms of throwing on the run, and I was one of the best at it, outside the pocket and being mobile. This kid can make some throws (that) will shock the world. I’m so anxious to see him play down the road, in the future. Right now he’s going through phases of maturation and learning the system, trying to become a complete quarterback. He has a ways to go. This kid is going to do some special things under Andy Reid.”

Vick spent five of his 13 NFL seasons playing for Andy Reid with the Eagles and worked primarily with the quarterbacks during his stint with the Chiefs. He clearly knows a thing or two about being a dual-threat QB, being one of the best to ever do it. Had he not spent 21 months in federal prison, who knows how his career might have been different.

But the misconception with Mahomes is that he is a true dual-threat QB. He isn’t. He wants to and prefers to pass it. He just happens to have really good mobility which, as Vick alluded to, allows him to throw incredibly well on the run. If you noticed, Cowherd tried to dismiss Mahomes’ abilities to Vick, but the former QB shut him down with his answer.

Most pundits who didn’t watch Mahomes in college just assume he’s another gimmicky quarterback who put up big numbers in a spread attack who will struggle in the NFL. No shot. Jared Goff? Yes. Patrick Mahomes? No way. I can’t wait to see him balling in the NFL.

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