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Dana Holgorsen wants the season to start earlier

dana holgorsen

As coaches and players begin their first summer of the new world order in the college football season, no more two-a-days, it appears like many are getting antsy, including Dana Holgorsen. Since two-a-days were banned, most teams reported for camp earlier this summer, many in late July, in order to fit in all the allowed practices. But as they hit late August, it looks like they’re ready to get on the field when it counts.

Holgorsen said at Tuesday’s press conference:

“I really wish it was game week. It seems like we’ve been practicing for a month. By the time we play our first game, all the NFL preseason games are going to be over. Why do they practice for about 10 days and then have a preseason game? They’ll go practice with some people, then go play another preseason game. There are a whole lot of FCS games this weekend. There’s only so much you can do practicing against each other. It’s going to be a full five weeks before the first game and to me, that’s insane.”

Now I’m not a college football coach, but I can totally see where Holgorsen is coming from here. Also in the story he mentioned going to a Texans – Patriots scrimmage and seeing how much more you can get done when playing against another team, even in a scrimmage setting. Former Penn State head coach and current Texans coach Bill O’Brien said he would lobby for a closed scrimmage against another team. This is brilliant and is super easy to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be, and preferably wouldn’t be a team in your conference or even a Power 5 team. West Virginia could scrimmage Marshall. Oklahoma against Tulsa (since Tulsa plays Oklahoma State this season). Texas vs. Texas A&M, scrimmage style (just kidding). Kansas vs. Lawrence High (another joke).

You get the point. And there would be little restrictions to this since players aren’t in school anyway until mid-to-late August. The scrimmage could take place on a Tuesday before classes start for both teams. It seems easy enough, not overly taxing and would have great benefit to both teams. Five weeks of practices give coaches more time to evaluate and more time to mentally prepare with the playbook, but Holgorsen is right when he says camp feels longer than ever.

Well, that’s because it is.

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