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Joel Klatt predicts Mason Rudolph to win Heisman Trophy

Joel Klatt

As I predicted in the spring, the closer we get to the kicking off the college football season, the more the national media will realize Oklahoma State is for real. The latest to join the fun is Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt.

Klatt was a guest on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd on Tuesday and said the following:

“My surprise team is Oklahoma State. I wouldn’t be shocked if Oklahoma State is in the playoff. When you look at their schedule, they’ve got a little bit of a test early with Pitt, but that’s a really good team. Their wide receiver corp is by far, and I’m talking by a wide margin, the best wide receiver corp in the country. No one really comes close to what they’ve got on the outside, with guys like James Washington.

Their quarterback is my Heisman pick…. that conference, he’s going to put up huge numbers, and they’re most likely going to be undefeated hosting Oklahoma November 4th in Bedlam. That’s a team that if they were to undefeated is absolutely a playoff team. They also have the 13th data point with the Big 12 championship game this year in a 1 vs. 2 match up not division vs. division. So Oklahoma State is the team to really watch out for. They’re in my top 10 and I wouldn’t be shocked if they wind up in the playoff.”

I give Klatt credit for taking this stance. Klatt and Sports Illustrated are the two most prominent national media outlets to be riding the Pokes train right now. Kudos.

To watch Joel Klatt’s interview, see the comments on Oklahoma State beginning at the 4:55 mark. But to be honest, if you’re a college football junkie, the entire conversation is worth listening to.

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