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D’Onta, Armanti Foreman’s dad rips Texas coaching staff on Twitter

NCAA Football: Texas at Southern California

Moral victories have never been a thing in Austin, Texas. That is, until Saturday night, at least for some fans, following the Longhorns’ 27-24 double-overtime loss to USC.

One guy who wanted no part of a moral victory was Derrick Foreman. He is the father of former Longhorns running back and current Texans running back, D’Onta Foreman. His other son, Armanti, is currently a wide receiver for Texas.


Needless to say, his reaction on Twitter could set up for an awkward meeting on Monday morning between head coach Tom Herman and Armanti.

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck is getting crushed, and Foreman is not wrong there. I heard this from folks around Ohio State after Herman hired Beck away from the Buckeyes after he got the Texas job. Let’s just say no one in Columbus was shedding any tears seeing Tim Beck leave the building.

Here the Longhorns were on prime time television, Saturday night, in the Rose Bowl, with a true freshman quarterback, and you run your horse, Chris Warren FOUR times all night?! Meantime that true freshman quarterback ends up with 19 carries. As a team, Texas had 35 rushes, with 19 coming from Sam Ehlinger. Foreman is right, the play calling was way off considering the circumstances.

What happened next? Foreman put together a tweet of the century where he listed everything that went wrong Saturday night. Being the idiot that I am, I went to take a screen shot of the tweet Sunday morning at around 9:20 am ET, because I knew there was a chance it would be gone. Then I said, you know what I will wait a few minutes and keep writing until I get to the point in my article where I want to include it. Well guess what? By 9:31, when I refreshed Foreman’s page, the tweet was no longer there.

I’m a moron.


I kid you not, it was a list of 10 items as to why Texas lost the game (including crushing the refs for not calling pass interference all night, which he’s right about). The tweet also ripped Tom Herman big time. Or as our President would say, “Bigly”.

Don’t believe me? Well just minutes after deleting the tweet, Foreman tweeted this out:

So Foreman backtracked a bit, which is wise considering he has a son still on the team who is performing. Armanti has 15 catches through three games and a touchdown catch in every game so far.

Let’s just say, Derrick Foreman would be best to subscribe to the “think twice before you hit send” theory. Unless he’s trying to be the next Lavar Ball? In which case, tweet away, baby.

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