2017 Big 12 Championship game kickoff time announced

Big 12 football

The Big 12 conference championship game is going to kick off at 11:30 C.T. on Saturday, December 2nd at AT&T Stadium, according to ESPN’s Jake Trotter.

This will be the first-ever championship game since 2010 when the Big 12 conference went to 10 teams following the departures of Texas A&M, Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri, along with the additions of TCU and West Virginia.

While fans are likely upset this game isn’t getting a primetime spot, it was the logical choice, as the Pac-12 is locked into a Friday night kickoff, the SEC kicks off at 3:30 ET on Saturday, while the ACC and Big Ten games are both in the evening.

It’s not ideal, but this is still better than the Big 12 going up against the ACC and the Big Ten, when it would have a harder time grabbing the attention of some of the national media members and such. Having your own, dedicated time slot is imperative, and it’s important to the television networks who don’t want to have three championship games going up against each other.

Hopefully the Big 12 can pick up right where it left off in 2010. The last two Big 12 championship games were decided by three points (Oklahoma over Nebraska in 2010) and one point (Texas over Nebraska). Texas hasn’t sniffed a Big 12 title since then and Nebraska is out there losing to Northern Illinois. My how times have changed.

Oklahoma has the most Big 12 Championship game appearances with 8, followed by Nebraska (6) and Texas (5).


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