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Kirk Herbstreit has two Big 12 teams in his top four

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State

Yes, yes, it’s early. But hey, if you’re the Big 12, which has been dumped on for the better part of the past five years, you take victories, no matter how small they are. So when ESPN’s top college football analyst, Kirk Herbstreit, tweeted out his top four on Sunday afternoon, Big 12 fans had reasons to rejoice.

Boom. Now obviously this is highly unlikely to happen come season’s end. In fact, I’d give the Kansas Jayhawks a better chance at finishing the season 8-0 than the Big 12 does of having two teams in the College Football Playoff. But there’s no doubt that this is good PR for the conference. TCU’s win over Oklahoma State and Oklahoma’s win over Ohio State are two of the best victories in college football so far this season.

“Herby” spent some time on Twitter prior to going to the Titans game on Sunday to explain his top 4. He says he bumped out Penn State, and thinks USC is right there, but was so impressed with TCU’s defense against Arkansas and then Saturday against Oklahoma State. Here is the video.

Side note, sick shades. #HerbyLife


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