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Big 12 coaches in their own words: Week 6

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Tech

In a new feature this season, here is the best quote of the week from every Big 12 coach from the weekly Monday morning teleconference that the media participates in. The order will be based on the order that the coaches speak in, no other rhyme or reason. I’ll give a little reaction to those comments below each quote.


David Beaty, Kansas Jayhawks

“Investment, whether it be through hard work or foundation work, or through resources, that is a requirement form greatness in anything that you do. In this place we have some of the most committed people in the industry.”

Beaty was talking about the improvements coming to the football facilities at KU. He’s right about that, and wisely referenced Oregon and Oklahoma State as two solid examples. It can be done. But is Beaty the guy to do it at Kansas?

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma Sooners

Nothing. Literally, nothing.

Full disclosure: I got distracted at work listening to the Big 12 teleconference and Riley didn’t talk long, using only six minutes of his allocated ten minutes. There weren’t many questions for him since OU was off last week. But still, Riley is the new KING of talking while saying absolutely nothing at all. It appears like he will be a great, young head coach. But boy do I hope he gets more interesting, it’d be more fun for us in the media.

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Cowboys

“We’re not going to change anything. [Kicker] Matt [Ammendola]’s the best guy. He didn’t have a good day but we’re going to put him back out there and hopefully he will make them.”

Gundy better hope so. The Cowboys can get away with missed field goals against Texas Tech. But against Oklahoma, West Virginia, etc? Don’t count on it.

Bill Snyder, Kansas State Wildcats

“Number one is you gotta get them thinking about the things to do right instead of what they didn’t necessarily do right.”

Snyder was referring to the drops his wide receivers and running backs have had in recent weeks. He’s right. Once guys start dropping passes, it’s like a golfer getting a case of the yips. They overthink the simplest things they’ve done their entire lives. Snyder is the perfect coach to deal with these issues as he’s so calm and collected, along with being a fatherly-type figure (maybe grandfatherly). K-State is going to need to get this straightened out.


Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia Mountaineers

“He’s [Kenny Hill] just really grown up and become a really good player.”

Holgorsen has seen the growth in Kenny Hill that we all have seen so far this season. Also remember, and Holgorsen noted, WVU offensive coordinator Jake Spavital spent time coaching Hill at Texas A&M, where Spavital was the offensive coordinator from 2013-2015. I’m not sure how valuable that will be since Hill is in a different system. But it certainly can’t hurt.

Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech Red Raiders

“In the past, we’ve had our hands full and we know they are a talented team.”

LOL. Kingsbury is referring to this weekend’s opponent, the Kansas Jayhawks. Last year, Tech beat Kansas 55-19. But in 2015, the Red Raiders held on for the 30-20 win, and in 2014, it was a 34-21 Texas Tech win. So yes, these games have been closer than they should have been. And while Kingsbury is saying all the right things, Tech needs to blow out KU this weekend to continue its momentum from the opening month of the season.

Matt Rhule, Baylor Bears

“This week is a good time for us, for everyone, to see how they can help this team and instill a winning culture.”

I was talking to a Baylor fan who told me there are BU fans on the message boards who believe Rhule has ruined their football program. Listen and read this loud and clear: these people are morons. Absolute idiot. Matt Rhule is the best thing to ever happen to Baylor football. Not only is he a helluva coach who will get this turned around on the field, he will handle everything off the field with class, something that wasn’t always happening in Waco.

Matt Campbell, Iowa State Cyclones

“The biggest thing for us after that football game… there were moments when we had a lack of poise… I think that’s part of the growing process.”

Campbell is right. In looking back on last week’s game, it sometimes felt like the moment was too big for this group of Cyclones. They’re still young in many ways and this season in still young, but all the positives we saw from Iowa State in their first three games were missing last Thursday. It’s a growing process in Ames, but it’s heading in the right direction.


Gary Patterson, TCU Horned Frogs

“Having an opportunity like this weekend to be a part of [College] GameDay, we’ve been a part of it five times, but it’s our first since 2009… Where TCU would be right now if we weren’t in the Big 12, I don’t think there’s even close to a comparison.”

Money talks. TCU is now pulling in $35+ million per year thanks to the television deal in the Big 12. That’s a long ways from their Mountain West Conference days. Kudos to Patterson for seeing it all through and helping TCU make the transition successfully. He is a great coach and a fantastic ambassador for the Big 12 conference.

Tom Herman, Texas Longhorns

“As talented as the wide receiver crew is that we have, when a team like [Iowa State] plays a three-down front and drops eight into coverage, you have to be able to run the football.”

Between Herman’s injuries on the offensive line, along with a group of running backs, who even Herman noted, aren’t the quickest and shiftiest guys ever, it puts this offense in a tough spot moving forward. We will see how he is able to fix it moving forward.


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