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WATCH: Iowa State plants flag at OU 50-yard-line

Iowa State defense line

It was too be expected, right? If Oklahoma lost a game at home, someone might decide to plant the flag at the OU 50-yard-line, just like Baker Mayfield infamously did at Ohio State a few weeks back.

Well, it happened, courtesy of safety Everett Edwards.

It looks like tight ends coach Alex Golesh quickly ripped out the flag planted by Edwards, which was a classy move and the right one by Golesh.

Afterwards, Mayfield was asked about it and responded wisely, saying, “It’s expected. I’m sure I’ll get commentes of ‘Iowa State’s my dad’ or something like that. You hear it, you expected it. It’s whatever. Not worried about what they’re doing, we’ve got to go back to work.” 

Remember, two weeks ago Mayfield was caught on a hot mic before the Baylor game saying to a Baylor player(s), “You forgot who daddy is. I’m gonna have to spank you today.”
So, Mayfield knew the “daddy jokes” were coming because they came during the game via a hot mic on the field on Saturday.

Regardless of what you think of Baker Mayfield as a player, his personality is what makes college football fun. But there’s no doubt Iowa State had a lot of fans across the world of college football as they got to stick it to the OU quarterback on Saturday.


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